Long Time No Post…

So, I realized today that I haven’t posted in about a month. Since my last post, I turned another year older. Yes. My last year in my 20s. Yep. To ease the pain, the hubs was super good to me.

Enough about me being old and washed up…

Work and life in general have also been out of control. I have been doing an alright job at keeping up with my T25 workouts and living a relatively clean lifestyle. I noticed, however, after several days of tracking calories (which I have never done before) that there is a clear reason why I am plateauing in weight/fat loss. The amount of cals I consume on the daily is not allowing me to lose weight. I am at a perfect consumption versus exertion to MAINTAIN. EUREKA!!

I have never cared about my weight, but rather, how I look, the tone of my body, and how I feel. I am currently building muscle, becoming more fit, however, I am not cutting enough fat. Sooooo, eat less? Exercise more? Combo of both? Well, I love food (and drinks…ok, wine, I love wine) too much, so either move more or the combo. I have decided that when my schedule allows, I will double up T25, but will hold tight until March 1st when the hubs and I start our half-marathon training. We shall see how that goes (LOL). Obviously continuing with clean eating is also a priority, with a new emphasis on portion control.

Tonight, Daddy was out at the hockey game, and it was just me and the littles for dinner. We decided on spaghetti squash with red sauce. The babes also got cheese added to theirs (lucky little minions). A lot of people ask me how to prepare it since it can be a tad intimidating. Here is how I like mine…

The Perfect Roasted Spaghetti Squash

Preheat oven to 375. Make sure you have a VERY sharp knife so you don’t lose a digit. Slice eat end off the squash so you have two flat ends. Place it on one end and slice lengthwise to open it up. It will be full of seeds and pulp much like a pumpkin. Take a spoon and scoop/scrape out the insides. Place flesh side up in a baking pan. Drizzle EVOO and salt and pepper on the inside. Roast for about 45 minutes.

When it is cool enough to handle, take a fork and scrape the roasted squash into a bowl. It will come out in strands that are very similar in look and texture to spaghetti. Heat your favorite homemade or store bought sauce and serve over top. Be careful to read the nutrition facts as most store sauces have tons of sodium and artificial ingredients. Trader Joe’s has a great organic tomato basil that we like to use. Give this a try, fib to the kids, tell them it’s noodles, they’ll eat it. Promise.

The wine is for me, not the kids.



2 thoughts on “Long Time No Post…

  1. Be careful. If you are eating clean, calorie counting can be tricky and deceiving! When I cut my calories, yes I lost weight, but I was miserable and didn’t look good. When I need to cut weight now, I actually increase the clean carbs I eat. ALL the potatoes. Crazy, right? No one likes to be hangry or deal with hanger! Haha. (I learned that the hard way.)

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    1. LOL, thanks babe! Oh don’t worry, I promise I won’t become a skinny b*tch (nor would I ever want to), and I love food way too much to not eat my face off. I need to portion control when I’m having a period of less physical activity though for sure. I have an issue with eating man-sized portions whether I ran 10 miles or sat on my butt lol. The next month will be tricky since I am starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme and also Half-Mar training. Ensuring I get all of the nutrition I need without overdoing it is definitely going to be a trial and error process. If I end up hangry, I promise I’ll have a sweet potato just for you. ; )

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