Quick Eats

How was everyone’s holiday?? We had a wonderful Christmas with a few speed bumps along the way. The dreaded stomach virus made its deadly way through the Misko home (even landing at my poor babysitter’s doorstep as well), hence the lack of posts for the past two weeks. Kennedy, my little lady (2.5), is the only man still standing – thank you 12 months of breast feeding and a decent toddler diet. Hudson is actually a fairly good eater as well. He is not as much of a fan of veggies as she is, but he still eats things that are green and oddly textured. We will see if this continues over the next few months as he discovers that he is now a toddler and has an opinion.

We are huge fans of Trader Joe’s in our home, aka. “Organic Aldi’s” as many people joke due to the mother company. The prices are always pretty on point and the quality/taste of the food is great. Because we like to try to remain as healthy as possible around here – myself also eating as Paleo as possible – I would like to share some snacks and quick convenient “foods on the go” that we love.


Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese, right? This Organic Shells and White Cheddar is awesome. It tastes great and doesn’t have the artificial garbage most brands do. The shells are also a perfect size for little mouths since cutting macaroni noodles may be the seventh ring of hell.

Remember those Ritz Cracker Sandwiches that you grew up on? Did you ever read the ingredients?? Try these on for size instead. Flavor-wise, they are even better, and so much better for you. My husband has been known to eat an entire box in one sitting. If you ever read this blog, sorry I outed you babe.

Crushers. What can I say? My kids love them and they make for great purse snacks. My only wish is that they made more varieties blended with veggies as well and they were also organic. But a great snack nonetheless.

Juice boxes are a huge treat. We never usually keep them in the house unless we have a party planned or need to keep some around for on the go planning. When we do buy them, Honest Kids are the absolute best. They are 100% fruit juice, no added sugar, and USDA Organic.

These are an awesome gluten free snack. They are low in fat, naturally flavored and colored, and who doesn’t love cheese puffs?! While they are not casein free, I’ve been known to grab a handful (or six).

I typically find something that I like and eat it so much that I get horribly sick of it.

That being said, I try to rotate all of these choices to make sure that I’m not so sick of what is stashed in my desk that I head to the vending machine and grab a Snickers.

Lärabars are pretty awesome. The majority of them are Paleo friendly because they are made solely of fruit and nuts. They are great at staving off “sweet fits” as we call them in our home, and are a great source of healthy carbs. My faves are the pie ones; apple, cherry, and coconut cream.

These Zesty Nacho Kale chips are actually dairy free – tricky huh? They do taste cheesy, however, through a combo of delish seasonings. They are a great munchy snack – just make sure if you’re indulging at work, you have floss. They tend to get all up in the chiclets.

One of my favorite breakfast selections. The flavor is great and healthy cultures are always a good idea.

Last but not least, my favorite cheat snack. Because popcorn is obviously made from CORN and it’s a GRAIN, I’m fully aware this is not Paleo – howwwweverrrr, it’s non-GMO, USDA Organic, and soooo yummy. Better than a bag of Lays, no?

Feel free to let me know what you’re loving also. I’m always looking for new snacks (contrary to the above meme).



12 thoughts on “Quick Eats

  1. i love Trader Joes! Unfortunately we don’t have one anywhere near us! My Aunt lives in Ft Worth and gets stuff for me and ships it to us In a monthly care package. I’ve wanted to try the kale chips, but haven’t. We love their veggie straws and mini peanutbutter cups and of course, cookie butter!


    1. You’re so lucky to get a care package! That’s so wonderful! We just recently got our store, about a year ago I would say. The kale chips are wonderful! Ask for them in your next package! I love the peanut butter cups too. One of my favorites.


  2. Those look like great snack ideas for the kiddos. Our boys are SO PICKY about their food, but they would like most of this! We have a TJ’s in Ft. Worth, but I’ve never been b/c it’s pretty far, but one is opening up a few miles from us in February! I can’t wait!


  3. Those mini Cheese Sandwiches were a great hit with my daughter as well. Love seing all the organic things. So hard to find “real” organic foods without having to drive an hour to the nearest Whole Foods. I just tried Kale Chips and they are so delicious definitely sold on them


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