Well, I did it.

Well, I did it.  I started a blog – and let me just say, it’s a PITA to do so. I have received a lot of encouragement from some awesome people to do this – something I have wanted to do for a while. My first post will be pinned in the “About” page as I’m using this as a way to let anyone know (who cares) why I’m writing this blog.  Please follow along if you so desire.

My name is Ashley and my biggest (irrational) fear is becoming a frump. The urban dictionary defines a “frump” as “a woman who is generally not concerned with her appearance…commonly are somewhat ‘doughy’ and are characterized by a lack of makeup…poorly-fitted, unstylish clothing, general lack of muscle tone or a tan.”  In other words, MOMS. You know her, you’ve seen her, one of those moms that you look at with pity in your heart and think, “that poor thing, she must be so tired.”

Admittedly, surrendering to frump status would be the easy route – between working, changing diapers, toddler tantrums, homecooked meals (I mean it), and the never ending battle with laundry (all on three hours of sleep, mind you).  For better or for worse, I choose to fight, and these are my humble attempts at staying true to myself. I desperately try to remain put together, healthy, and maintain the health of my family.

I know, the hubs is a fox.
I know, the hubs is a fox.

Sometimes I fail – resorting to yoga pants and Uggs whilst downing a bottle of red wine and entire wheel of Brie (and bread), but the majority of the time I do a decent job of staying on track and sticking to my whole foods, clean eating ways, as well as my fitness routine. I’ll share some recipes, fitness tips, and looks in my attempts to hold myself accountable and hopefully help a few others (maybe?).

Don't let that face fool you...
Don’t let that face fool you…

I love my husband of five years (together for 13, yes, high school sweethearts people), I’m obsessed with my kiddos, and I adore my job. I’m a little nuts and mildly inappropriate, I’m flawed, and I think I’m funnier than I actually am. Care to follow along?

This dude either. They're monsters.
This dude either. They’re monsters.

Join me on this amazing journey called life, get a little healthier, live a little cleaner, be a little happier.

– Ash


2 thoughts on “Well, I did it.

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I can’t wait to read more from you, I just had a look at your blog and I love it already. I just have to say one thing – you will never look like a frump. You are so gorgeous, it would be impossible! I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here ❤


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